Chef Ali is recognised as the UK's premier Halal Chef. He has worked alongside several of the top Michelin Chefs including Gordon Ramsey and is a regular contributor to the Islamic Channel.


Having worked at premium restaurants across the globe, from France and Switzerland to Canada and Tel Aviv, Chef Ali's vision for La Sophia was to create a menu offering a culmination of this experience ­ fusing regional specialities with Chef's own signatures, for example using Argan oil (with its unique nutty taste), with chocolate balsamic and Paris mustard.


A prolific Muslim Celebrity Chef, his philosophy is simple:

"I was aware that Muslims seeking a culturally sensitive, exclusively halal, fine dining experience in London were not being catered for.  I wanted to take the fuss out of fine dining and offer an eating experience that lets the food speak for itself. I use only the finest and freshest locally sourced Halal ingredients and draw on my global experience to delight diners with amazing flavour combinations, perfectly cooked and served up in a welcoming family-run restaurant."