From the 24th to the 26th of March, Cordoba will be hosting the 1st International Halal Congress, A Global Concept. This first edition will be held in the historical vice-chancellor´s building. A varied programme will be offered in this venue and other spaces all over the city.

The election of Cordoba as “capital of Halal tourism, food, and finances” and host city of the 1st International Halal Congress, welcome specialists,  experts, scientist, academics, entrepreneurial fabric and all those individuals and entities interested in getting to know the Halal way of life in a contemporary Andalusian context. It also offers and promotes entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture within the Halal concept. 

The event programme will be wide and varied, and it will welcome representatives from more than 20 countries. These representatives arrived from all over the world will contribute their experiences, knowledge and projects of Halal standardisation. Also new views and ideas promoting a worldwide standard will be shared through scientific development, research, and new technologies. 



  1. To promote the Halal way of life as a global concept and as a positive value that Muslims provide to society.

  2. Promote normalisation and respect for diversity

  3. Raise awareness of the importance of achieving food sovereignty and fair trade 

  4. Raise awareness of the respect and protection of the environment and living things 
  5. Spread the values of ethical economy and Halal finance 

  6. Promote entrepreneurship and business ventures within the Halal concept, highlighting its growing role as generative of new business opportunities
  7. Promote development of Science, research and new technologies in order to top up the Halal concept 

  8. Promote the integration of groups at risk of social exclusion in the Halal industry and services
  9. Spread sport culture and healthy leisure
  10. Strengthen volunteer work and cooperation within the Islamic social fabric.
  11. Highlight the relevance of the Halal economy and industry as one of the most dynamic sectors, generative of growing new business opportunities, and with a foreseeable impact in the future.