The Halal International Congress will take place at the Chancellor’s building at the University of Cordoba. The Chancellor´s building was built in the early twentieth century in a Neo-Mudéjar style, it offers a unique setting with high quality infrastructures and the support of a prestigious University .It is located a few meters from the high-speed rail train station, connected with the main cities of Spain and international airports. (Madrid: 2 hours, Barcelona: 4 hours, Malaga: 1 hour, Seville, Spain: 45 minutes).


Cordoba intends to position itself as the European "capital of Halal food, tourism and finance", working actively to provide a range of leisure facilities (hotels, restaurants, museums, etc.) that fulfil the demands of Halal consumers. 


Cordoba is heir to the best Islamic tradition, that can be found in its historical and cultural heritage, as well as in its gastronomy: The old Mosque, the archaeological site of Madinat Al-Zhara , the Souk, the Torre de la Calahorra (current Three Cultures Museum), the Andalusian House, The Museum of the water, the route of the Caliphate , which linked the cities of Granada, Cordoba and Seville, and a great many of peaceful spots and small squares where the  best spirit of Andalusia can be found.


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