Amir Sakic is director of the Agency for Halal Quality Certification since establishing this institution in 2006 by Islamic Community in Bosnia & Herzegovina. His higher education started with Islamic Madrasa in Sarajevo where he was qualified as an Imam, Khateeb and Muallim in 1991. University studies he completed on University Tuzla, Faculty of Philosophy as professor of Bosnian Language and Literature. Currently he is studding for Master degree of Management on Faculty of Economy. 

He is certified lead auditor for ISO 9001:2008. Also, he is involved in education of Internal and External Halal auditors and Consultants in the fields of: Halal management system, Halal Marketing, Halal standards and standardization processes, and Implementation of Halal standards.

Beside his professional engagement in Agency he is actively working or participating in most important international Halal initiatives as representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina: 

- Development of OIC Halal Standards, and a representative of B&H in SEG OIC. 

- Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina as Halal Expert in CEN/BT WG 212, and CEN/WG 425 “Project Committee on Halal Food”,

- Institute for Standards of Bosnia and Herzegovina, TC 43 – Food

- AHC-Europe, European Association of Halal Certifiers – founder

- SMIIC – Institute for Metrology and Standards of Islamic countries, TC 1 – Halal Food Issues; TC 2 – Halal Cosmetic Issues; Accreditation Committee  


His engagement in publishing, as an author or editor, includes many books, magazines and journals. His written works in Halal related fields include: Market research: Consumers sensitivity on Halal labeling in B&H; The Halal Status of Additives in Milk and Dairy Products; Halal Status of Food Additives and Halal Slaughtering; Halal accreditation from European perspective; The script for Halal Industry etc.