Natalia holds a Bachelor’s degree in General linguistics from University of Barcelona and currently is the director of the Halal School. Natalia has been Dean and professor of Islamic Culture and Religion at Camilo José Cela University from 2006 to 2011.


Natalia is part of the UNAOC Board of Experts (United Nations Alliance of Civilizations). And an active member of both International Networks WISE y Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow. Natalia also coordinates the Ibn Arabi professorship at CITeS (University of Mysticism).


Natalia has contributed a chapter to the book “Halal Tourism in Spain” published by (OMM Editorial, Madrid, 2014). This chapter is about training on Halal Tourism. Also, Natalia has contributed as an expert to “Migrants and their descendants - Guide to policies for the well-being of all in pluralist societies (2011).


Natalia has taken part in several seminars and technical conferences in (Córdoba, Palencia, Zaragoza, Alicante, and Madrid), conference such as “The value of training within the context of Halal standardisation” (Madrid, June 17th 2014).


Natalia is an active member of the 308 National Technical Committee of AENOR on Halal standardisation.