Dr Shuja Shafi is the current Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), and has led a lifelong career in medicine, working at the NHS; University of London; Public Health Laboratory Service and Health Protection Agency as Lecturer, Hospital Consultant and a Clinical Regional Post Graduate Advisor. Dr Shafi has been working on religious slaughter issues since 2003, where he chaired the MCB Food Standards Committee and prepared the Council’s response to the Farm Animal Welfare Council report on Red Meat, working closely with Shechita UK.


Over the years Dr Shafi has taken on a range of positions within the field. He joined the advisory board of the EU funded project DIALREL and contributed to developing Good Practice Guidelines for religious slaughter (without stunning). In 2010, in his capacity as member of the EBLEX Halal working group he contributed to the production of the UK consumer Survey report on Halal. He has also represented the UK at the CEN (EU's Standardisation Institute) to explore the feasibility of creating EU Halal Standards, and as chair of the BSI Halal Committee led the UK delegation to the EU CEN Halal Food Committee in Bosnia last year.