Paco Morales, is one of the most internationally recognised working today. Paco Morales has been awarded a Michelin Star.


Paco has worked with Andoni Luis Aduriz, at Mugaritz restaurant (Rentería), considered and ranked number 4 of the world´s 50 best restaurants, according to the 50 Best list. He has worked in Mugaritz R&D department, training the Head Chef, and travelled with Andoni to many different countries, where he organised Andoni´s lectures.


Paco has worked as Executive Chef at Hotel Hospes Madrid and “Senzone” restaurant in Madrid. He has put his creativity at the disposal of Ferrán Adría at “El Bulli” restaurant, and Ferrero Hotel complex.


In 2007 he receive the award to the best 21th Century chef under 30, awarded by the Royal Gastronomic Academy. The restaurant Ferrero-Paco Morales is awarded the first Michelin Star in 2010 by The Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal 2011, among other awards.


Paco Morales offers an avant-garde cuisine rooted in nature and local products. Paco Morales undertakes a new challenge in Cordoba: the cooking workshop “Noor”, ‘light’ in Arabic, reclaiming hispanic-muslim cuisine, but also Celt, Tartessian, Greek, Phoenician, Hebrew, Roman or Visigoth cuisine. Noor is a masterpiece summary of the knowledge and traditions of the great culinary Mediterranean cultures found in the History of Cordoba.