Mr. Abderrahim TAIBI is Chemical engineer; He is now a General Director of The Moroccan Standardization Institute (IMANOR). Mr. TAIBI has integrated the standardization activities since 1989 as a project manager in the testing laboratories Division. He has participated in some international standardization committees as ISO/TC 207 on environmental management and ISO Group which has in charge to develop ISO 26000 on social responsibility. He is also an auditor of management systems. Mr. TAIBI was a member of Experts Islamic Group which has in charge to develop the Islamic Halal standards under the supervision of the Islamic Organization for Cooperation (IOC) and he’s now member of the Standardization and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries. M. TAIBI is chairman of the Moroccan Halal standardization committee. 


The subject of the lecture of M. TAIBI is the Moroccan experience on halal standardization and certification and the future projects in this field.