Jose Maria Fuentes Rodriguez is the CEO & Head of IIRR Grand Duche Investment Fund & Kernel Investment Group. Also, he is multilateral issues consultant at Citigroup y McKinsey & Co. Besides, he is an Advisory Board member for Gerson Lehrman Group, The Ibero-American States Organisation, the International Financial Institutions-Liaison Group, etc.


Previously, Jose Maria was International Monetary Fund Under-secretary for sovereign wealth funds, Head of the Multilateral Department of the Spanish Embassy in Washington and New York, Secretary of the Management Review Committee and Head Economist for New Official Policies of the Inter-American Development Bank and World Bank, Member of the GEF Board of Directors etc.


Jose Maria holds a Degree in Economics from University of Salamanca, also completed the 3 masters degrees Jean Monnet in European Studies and the ICEX masters in International Trade. Subsequently undertook a Masters in International Tenders and Acquisitions with Multilateral Organisms from Harvard University. 


Lecture Topic:

Islamic Finance in Spain and Latin America hub.