A dedicated professional from Pakistan, Mr. Asad Sajjad is a Master of Business


Administration in Marketing from the Greenwich University, London, UK. He did his


Bachelors in Business Administration from the Los Angeles City College, USA.


He took these degrees after graduating in Commerce from Pakistan’s eminent


institution, the Government Commerce College, Karachi.


Asad Sajjad has been working as a Halal Agenda Promoter since 2008, speaking about the Importance


of Halal Certification for the producers and exporters in OIC countries to enter the trillion dollar global


Halal market.


Asad is the founder member of HDC (Halal Development Council), a registered NPO/NGO dedicated


to the development of Halal Economy. The HDC comprises of a team of reputable scholars & technocrats


who are dedicated to the mission and have been creating awareness, about the importance of Halal


Certification and the benefits of Halal Certified exports.


Asad also founded ‘Halal Products & Services Association of Pakistan’ (HAP), the only registered


trade body in Pakistan to represent the Halal Products & Service sectors with the objective to advocate


for better export environment and to solicit maximum facilities for the Halal Products & Services trade..


Along with Halal India, Asad founded the SAARC-HC (SAARC Halal Council), an association of


SAARC countries representing Halal Food organizations.


Asad also founded the International Halal Federation, an international body representing Halal certifiers


from all over the world, propagating to use one Halal logo for the world.


His most recent project is the Gulf Halal Center, the pioneering Halal Certification body in UAE for


Halal Certification and trade promotion of Halal certified products.


Asad is a Member of Dubai Accreditation Center (DAC) special task force on development of UAE Halal


standards for non-meat food products, Member of Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority special


committee on Halal Food Standards, Member of Pakistan National Accreditation special committee on


accreditation of Halal Certification agencies, Member of Chamber of Commerce & Industry sub-

committee of Halal Food Exports, Past Chairman of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce &


Industry sub-committee on Halal Products & Services.


Participated in over 40 international Halal Conferences and Trade events world wide, organized several


Halal Workshops & made Presentations on ‘HALAL AWARENESS & BRANDING’ in several Chambers,


Trade Associations, educational institutes & government forums, Asad has also organized several


International Halal Conferences & Workshops in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Japan, Thailand, Sudan,


Philippine, Kuwait and Australia, including the OIC Halal Congress middle east Sharjah, Saudi Food


Forum Jeddah, OIC-SMIIC Halal Assembly Islamabad, Global Halal Congress Karachi, Thailand Halal


Assembly, Sudan Halal Summit, Australia Halal Assembly and Philippine Halal Assembly.. These


international activities are serving the sole purpose of propagating Importance of Halal Certification and


the Power of Halal Branding.


Asad understands the dire need to unify the hundreds of Halal standards, followed by certification bodies


all over the world and has been a big promoter of the OIC-SMIIC Halal standards, that are official


standards of OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation).


His marketing perceptions drove his energies to brand promotion of Halal Concept and thus he is


contributing to the propagation of the Halal in the world.