Hashim Cabrera has been working for over three decades as a multifaceted artist. Painter, writer and activist, he study in depth most visual art technics, with the sole  purpose of tackling a variety of problematic, complex and contemporary issues. Paintings, sculpture, photography, performances, courses and conferences that, in many cases, mainly during the 90s, show a clear interdisciplinary disposition.

All his artistic work has been accompanied by written texts, in essay, literary or educational form, which complements and in some cases even conceptually support the proposals of its visual production. He has also written numerous essays on art, spirituality, society and politics, participating in seminars and conferences, with extensive experience as a lecturer.

In all these activities, exhibitions, conferences and analysis, specialized courses and seminars, along with his extensive knowledge of the arts, Hashim Cabrera has committed himself ethically and philosophically, proposing synthesis which, in many cases, have been the starting point for other artists and intellectuals, and research papers. With an open sense of artistic and intellectual production has participated in numerous collective projects.