Economist, specialised in Islamic economy and finance. Master in International Economy (UB) Master in Banking and Financial Techniques from the IES Madrid, Diploma in Advanced Economic studies from the UB, Certified Islamic Banker by The General Council for Islamic Banks and Institutions (CIBAFI), Bahrain, Certified professor of Islamic Finance (lecturing in Spanish, English and French), Researcher, PhD in Islamic Economy and Finance from the URJC of Madrid, Chair and CEO of the first Co-operative of Islamic Financial Services in Spain. Professor of Islamic Finance at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Professor of Ethnology of Maghreb at the University of Barcelona.


The CEIEFI is a government non-profit organisation, a centre with the objective to carry out Islamic Economy and Finance related studies and research, and to promote a fair, ethical and social economic model for Spain, such as the Islamic Economic and Financial model. (Please see the leaflet attached for more information). Also to work toward the inclusion of this subject in University programmes, Business Schools and other institutions. Another objective is to develop projects in order to facilitate the implementation of Islamic Financial Institutions in Spain (the first Co-operative of Islamic Financial Services is already in motion), also to offer a proper training to the staff hired by these institutions, and, lastly, to form a Consultancy specialised in Islamic Financial Services advise, and a certifying body in order to certify Islamic Financial Services etc.